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Quotes My wife is excited at the new possibility of supplying these stores with your Soapnuts. She has used yours and likes them better than the other ones we were using. Quotes
Terry Le Blanc (Calgary Canada) 03.11.2007

Quotes I love soapnuts! I use them to wash my hair, my skin, my dishes, my clothes....basically anything around the house that can be washed! :-) They are very effective too, my hair looks better than it ever has with shampoo, with extra body and shine. Also it has decreased the amount of hair shedding greatly, and I think it helps to keep my hair strong and grow a little faster too. When used on the skin, it leaves the skin clean, soft and sweet-smelling without any harsh chemicals. It also cleans my dishes much better than other ecological dish detergents that I have tried. And if you are sensitive to chemical clothes detergents, it is especially easy and great to use for your laundry to leave it clean and soft without any harsh Quotes
Michelle - USA