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Feed Backs

Mrs. Teresa Sackany  - Ontario Canada
Hi, I purchased Sindhiya Soapnuts from your company previously from a distributor in Canada and was extremely pleased with them, however, I am running low. I would like to purchase some more.
 Mrs. Stephanie Canada

Hi There,

I recently found your Sindhiya Soapnuts online and purchased some. I absolutely love them!! My family has a lot of skin issues and these are just a little miracle! I am interested in distributing them as a home based retailer and I would like some information on pricing to import the minimum quantity into Canada for wholesale and also shipping costs. My family and I have done a complete turnaround of our household products and have gone green, so they say. I would love the chance to sell these in my business!  


(Sally Mittuch, B.A. Hons; (PGCE) Norwich UK)
We are enjoying using the Sindhiya Soapnuts and we are getting very good feedback from customers. My latest surprise was discovering how well the Soapnuts clean windows and glass.

We would of course like to sell more, but the recession seems to get worse here month by month! We are trying hard to gain new customers and to keep existing customers happy. Our customers really do like these Sindhiya Soapnuts, and the more knowledgeable customers notice the high quality – the fact that the Soapnuts are dark in colour and slightly sticky. So I am glad that you have sent me really high quality Soapnuts.

(Jacci Donovan, Madrid.)

"... I am convinced that Sindhiya SoapNuts are going to take Spain and the rest of Europe
by storm Mansoor, following the feedback I have received so far. Everyone is amazed at
the results after using them (in some cases even better than from their usual chemical
products) and are begging for more samples for friends and family.

What a joy to be able to share these natural little miracles with others and know that I am,
not only helping people save money, but also making a positive contribution towards their health
and the health of the planet. Personally, I am using them for everything; washing machine,
dishwasher, as a liquid for general cleaning (mixed with white vinegar it's fantastic!), etc.
My floors and windows are sparkling and everything smells fresh, with no hint of chemicals."

Ms. Julie Young - USA

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I purchased some lemons ( mix them with SoapNuts liquid) and my hair are very very shiny! It should counteract our very hard water here in "Marble Country" Vermont. On a scale from 1:10 our water tests 10 for hardness (calcium carbonate). Thanks again for the tip about the lemon juice. I don't think my hair has ever looked better and is noticeably more manageable. 


Mrs. Christie Roxburgh (Geelong - Australia)

Love them (SoapNuts), great for washing newborn cloth nappies. 

Rachel (Bannockburn - Australia) 

I am now ready to purchase some soap nuts from you for reselling, firstly to
friends and family and word of mouth as their seems to be quite a demand
once people actually know about them.  I plan to hit some markets around my
area in the near future and so I am excited about spreading the word
even further.  They never cease to amaze me with what they can do, I am
always finding new uses for my soap nuts and love them so much. I can not
understand why people would keep chemicals in their home and especially
expose their children to them when their is such an wonderful alternative,
obviously we need to get the word out that there is an alternative!


Clayton (Sydney - Australia)

Good to meet you last weekend at the Sydney Convention Center - we were the home birth couple that came by at the end of the show on Sunday afternoon - we bought a $10 bag for trial and think they are terrific!!
We want to get a 1Kg bag.

Mrs Ch'ng (Penang - Malaysia)

I'm dropping order the 1st time after receiving many good reviews on soapnuts from my friends. 
James (Kitchener - Canada)
I am glad to let you know that we received the soapnuts yesterday. We are very impressed about the beautiful job - you guys did - in packing the soapnuts. We would recommend you to anybody! You do manage your business great!

Patrick (Melbourne - Australia)

Hi, My name is Patrick. I live in Melbourne Australia and have just been online ( to try and purchase more soap nuts.  I don't want to ever buy detergent again - after we were introduced to these at the organic living fair in Melbourne last year.

Wendy - Scotland (UK) 

I write to let you know that I have in my possession my consignment of soapnuts.  They arrived very well packed. thank you very much. 
Docita (Kitchener - Canada) 
 Skin problem of my NEW BORN BABY has been solved by Soapnuts!
"The way we started using soapnuts was that we were looking everywhere for some type of non-chemical soap for our baby. I could not use any conventional baby products. She was getting this terrible skin rash from any kind of soap. We  have been using cloth diapers ever since she was born (a lot of work, but it pays off at the end), and my husband found this advertisement for "Sindhiya Washnuts" (soapnuts) in Alive magazine. We ordered them and as soon I started using them, she got better and better and in a short time she had no more skin problems. She is 2 now and she is doing perfect. These soapnut shells from "Sindhiya Washnuts"  wash the diapers and everything perfectly!. There is no detergent out there that can match the soapnuts. Thank the Good Lord for making such a wonderful tree for us!
My husband is a painter and the soapnut shells take off chunks of paint from his clothes and leave them very clean. No detergent has done this before. And I do not have words to describe how soft and silky the clothes are after washing them with soapnuts. The only problem is now I can not use soapnuts for James's clothes anymore because I have only a handful of shells left and I am saving them for my baby.
In fact we use them in the kitchen, too. The dishes are sparkling clean. We wash all fruits and vegetables with soapnuts as well. No other soap has done such a great job before! "
Sally  (Norwich - UK) 
Dear Mansoor, I am delighted to tell you that the boxes of soapnuts have arrived. Everything was well packed, nothing was damaged, and the 250g packets are the correct weight. So I am very pleased.
I am so glad that I chose to buy soapnuts from you because the level of service you have provided has exceeded my expectations.
Anyway, thank you again for your diligence and attention to detail. You have been most professional.
Mrs Lucato (Australia)
I am keen to know the cost of wash nuts. I have been given some nuts to trial from a friend and I am very impressed. Please let me know how they can be purchased and costing.
Lee  (Melbourne - Australia)
Please tell me where I can buy the Washnuts in Victoria. I got a sample at the Organic Fair (5th Organic Expo, Melbourne 2009 - 26 - 28 July 2009) and used them - I was most impressed and wish to get some more. 
Sally  (Norwich - UK) 
‘I’ve been using soapnuts for two years now mainly for washing my clothes. I am so pleased with them that I wish the trees would grow in England, preferably in my back garden! It is a relief to be able to avoid chemical detergents and fabric conditioners, with the addition of synthetic scents. No longer do I pollute my body and the water system when I wash my clothes. I would urge everyone to switch to soapnuts – we simply don’t need chemicals to clean our clothes and we must do everything in our power to reduce the pollution of the precious water reserves on our little planet.’
Sara  (Melbourne - Australia) 
I bought Himalayan washnuts (sapindus mukorossi)  from Organic Expo 2009 Melbourne; they really are working, I used the same batch of soapnuts for four washes as described.
1st for white cloths
2nd for light colour cloths
3rd for towels and under garments
and fourth for dark clours, socks and other cloths.
These are really great.
Of course these are great gift from mother Nature! and a great Eco friendly solution.
Lee Kean Yuen (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 
Good Day Mr. Mansoor,
I would like to mention that I am OK about the soapnut samples that you sent to me after using a few pieces of shells, as they can no doubt wash and clean well. 

Gail  (Victoria Australia) 
Hi, I tried your soapnuts, as a sample from the Melbourne . Organic expo 2009. I would like to know where I can buy some more please.
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Terry  (Calgary Canada)  
My wife is excited at the new possibility of supplying these stores with your Soapnuts. She has used yours and likes them better than the other ones we were using.
I love soapnuts!
 By: Michelle - USA
I love soapnuts! I use them to wash my hair, my skin, my dishes, my clothes....basically anything around the house that can be washed! :-)  They are very effective too, my hair looks better than it ever has with shampoo, with extra body and shine. Also it has decreased the amount of hair shedding greatly, and I think it helps to keep my hair strong and grow a little faster too. When used on the skin, it leaves the skin clean, soft and sweet-smelling without any harsh chemicals. It also cleans my dishes much better than other ecological dish detergents that I have tried. And if you are sensitive to chemical clothes detergents, it is especially easy and great to use for your laundry to leave it clean and soft without any harsh scents remaining!


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